LSRC Board Job Descriptions

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors and shall have the general supervision over the affairs of the Club, its property and its servants. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all committees. Be the liaison representative for LSRC on Civic League Board of Trustees; negotiate daycare contract and scheduling, work with swim team rep on practice, event scheduling, and compensation for pool rental. Obtain yearly Business license, update SCC (State Corporation Commission); assist with annual liability, Workman’s Comp, Director and Officers insurance review, assist with fund raising; write a short article each month keeping our members updated for the LSRC newsletter and promote upcoming events.

Vice President: 
In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall perform his/her duties. Should neither be present at any meeting, a chairman shall be chosen by vote. The VP shall automatically assume the office of President at the appropriate time. The Vice President also will perform all duties related to Pool Operations. Responsible for hiring manager, assist interviewing and hiring life guards. Process all applications and forms required to maintain personal files, assist manager with scheduling for guard coverage for pool hours.

The secretary shall keep the records of the meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors, the corporate seal of the Club and the list of its members, and shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be fixed by the Board. He/she shall deliver notices of all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors to members thereof, as provided by the by-laws and shall conduct all correspondence, excepting that pertaining to the office of Treasurer. He/she will inform the members of activities of the club, membership drives and pool closings due to weather or other conditions. The secretary will keep copies of important documents, put together and deliver the Larkspur News newsletter, keep and update the monthly calendar, and post event reminders on the Facebook page.

The Treasurer shall collect and discharge the funds as directed by the Board; he/she shall keep the accounts in books belonging to the Club, which shall be at all times open for inspection of the Board of Directors, to whom he/she shall make monthly reports. Computer skills and ability to use QuickBooks is necessary. Collect and reconcile money and verify receipts. The Treasurer will process payroll for employees, record sub meter readings for HRSD billing, coordinating having water turned on and off (May and September), have dumpster delivered and picked up, reconcile accounts for payroll. He/she will make sure money received is credited to the correct activity, Other duties include: invoicing Day cares and installment pay members, paying bills (only with invoices), securing insurance, filing insurance audit paperwork, filing tax return (October), calling to discontinue payroll at the last pay period, presenting reports to the board and keeping President updated on money issues.

The Membership chair is responsible for creating the Fall/Winter Membership drive for the upcoming season. He/she will create flyers for memberships to be sent out as well as posted on the LSRC website, create/update pricing for the membership forms, and send payment vouchers. The membership chair is responsible for securing membership cards, and LSRC stickers as well as any membership incentive brochures. He/she will be responsible for promoting the half-price sale which usually begins the 3rd week of July.
Communication with the Secretary and Treasurer is important. Updated lists will need to be sent on a regular basis to keep email lists current. The membership chair should be available for the Open House in May as well as the Civic League picnic to recruit new members and answer questions.

The duty for being in charge of concessions entails keeping the kitchen stocked with food, candy, and drinks to sell to the pool patrons and daycare centers. This requires going to a wholesale vendor and grocery stores once every week or two so the pool doesn’t run out of food or drinks. The concessions job also requires money to be collected from the cash register, counted regularly, and submitted to the treasurer. An exact accounting of cost and profit should be maintained.

The social calendar should be updated monthly and posted on the website. All parties should be listed with dates, time, pavilions and contact person.
Three adult nights (June, July and August) should be planned for each season. The chairperson should plan the menu, secure the cook, set the date, and print flyers. The chairperson needs to send the flyer to the secretary to go out to the membership. Flyers should also be posted on the website and in the club house. Three parties/events for children should be planned. The social chairperson will secure food, drinks and prizes. Flyers will be made and sent to the secretary, posted in the club house and on the website.
All members requesting to rent the pool for a small daytime party or a private party must sign a rental agreement through the social chairperson. The chairperson must make arrangements to meet with the member, get all the required signatures, and checks for the rental fee and the security deposit. The chairperson will notify the vice-president to ensure proper lifeguard requirements.

Pool Maintance:
The Pool Maintance representative supervise a team of volunteers in pre-opening of the pool. He/she will maintains pool chemistry and circulation at proper levels, perform water tests, and train designated staff in procedures. He/she will checks pumps and motors, inspect and maintain the chemical feed system; pool fittings, and hardware. They provide initial response to calls for service from pool staff, assess maintenance needs, and take corrective action.

Building and Grounds: 
The Building and Grounds representative supervises and participates in necessary painting and general repairs to plumbing, electrical, carpentry, windows and general mechanical areas. He/she is responsible for securing any necessary lawn services and serves as liaison for all general contractor services to grounds and buildings. He/she is responsible for ordering supplies and equipment necessary to maintain the property. This representative checks the building and grounds on a regular basis and establishes and recommends priorities on repair projects and estimates the cost of these projects. He/she supervises a team of volunteers on pool clean up days.

The tennis representative will work with the current tennis professional to establish a tennis program. He/she will promote the program by providing times and dates to the membership. This representative will also organize any additional tennis activities.