Board Members


Delvin Peeks



Kim Bedinger

Vice President


Andy Bedinger



Adam Aseuga



Delvin Peeks



Lindsay Johnson

Civic League Rep


Lindsay Johnson

Lease Management


Evan Urmy



Carole Fouts

Swim Team


Deven McDaniel

Pool Maintenance


Jennifer Rosenbaum



Ryan Allen

Building & Grounds

Larkspur Board Positions

LSRC Board Job Descriptions

The Presidents role is:

  • Run all board meetings and general membership meeting
  • Assist with swim team practice scheduling
  • Assist with event scheduling
  • Pool rentals
  • Apply for yearly business license and fire inspection
  • Assist with fundraising ideas

The Vice President’s role is:

  • In the absence of the President, VP will perform his/her duties.
  • Responsible for pool operations which includes: pool hours, hiring staff and pool rentals.
  • Responsible for inputting guard hours into payroll system.
  • Point person for the cleaning staff.

Secretary role is:

Responsible for taking meeting minutes for board meetings and the annual meeting.

Responsible for creating the newsletter.

Treasurer’s role is:

  • Collect and discharge the funds of the club
  • Keep all accounts updated in QuickBooks.
  • Report monthly to the board with reports.
  • Reconcile the money from concessions, events, etc.
  • Process payroll
  • Record sub meter readings
  • Paying all bills that have been received.
  • Securing/Reviewing insurance for Directors and Officers, Workmans Comp and Liability.
  • Paying taxes

Membership Chairmans Role is:

  • Running the membership drive for the next season
  • Getting information to Secretary for the newsletter about membership
  • Creating membership cards and providing a roster of membership throughout the season.

Concessions chair’s role is:

  • Keeping the concessions stand stocked with all of the items needed for daily operations.
  • Submit money to the treasurer
  • Account for profit made from the stand
  • Responsible for making sure the stand is staffed.

The social chairs responsibility is: 

  • Planning events throughout the year for the club. 
  •  Work with a committee to make sure events are set up, food purchased, etc for each event. Be at said events or establish a point person in the event they can not be there. 
  •  Create a monthly or yearly calendar for the club of the events that are planned. 

Pool maintenance role is: 

  • Schedule pool inspection at the beginning of each season. 
  • Train guards on how to take pool chemicals at the beginning of the season. 
  • Train managers on backwashing at beginning of season
  • Make sure chemicals are stocked as needed and chlorine is ordered as needed.
  • Troubleshoot pool pump issues and work with the board on repairs/maintenance as needed.

Building and Grounds Role is: 

  • Schedule and supervise fall and spring workdays
  • Maintain interior and exterior of building
  • Supervise/Recruit/Train for mowing

Tennis Rep responsibilities are: 

  • Work with Tennis professional for lessons and camps
  • Provide dates/times to the secretary for publicizing. 

Swim Team Rep: 

  • Responsible for creating the swim team schedule
  • Attending VBSL meetings
  • Reporting to LSRC board about the VBSL schedule
  • Maintain swim team records
  • Maintain monies from membership, concessions, apparel etc for swim team and reconcile with the Treasurer.

Pool Rules and Regulations

Meeting Notes

If you are interested in our meeting minutes, please email us and we are happy to send those.


Larkspur Swim & Racquet

732 Edwin Drive

Virginia Beach, VA 23462